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My Poor Playstation 3

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

My PS3 died… What a terrible day!!! Well it didn’t completely die. I think the laser or Blu-ray drive is now shot. I can do everything else but play a movie or game. I’m thinking it is the motor though. Why? From what I understand, there are two lenses, one regular and a Blu-ray one. Often times, if it is the Blu-ray laser, the other will still work. In my case, neither work. There is no disc movement. Am I sad? I’m devastated.

So does this mean PS3s are junk? NO!! Absolutely not! I bought my PS3 four years ago. It’s a “Fat Boy” with 80gb. I have put an obscene amount of hours into this system. I have well over 120 total games. I’m an RPG player as well, so I can tell you my PS3 has been put to work. I also play a ton of sports games. I have easily gotten 5000 hours out of my machine. That’s roughly ten cents an hour. I’ve had my Wii since 2007 and have played probably 400-500 hours on it and the fan is making a humming noise. Usage of the Wii costs about fifty cents per hour… so clearly the PS3 has been more efficient and it can do so much more!

Others will ask “why not just get the drive fixed?” Well, personally, I would send my PS3 to Sony because I like to have a guarantee with the work done. If they mess up, they’ll cover it. If a local guy messes up, well, you’re out of luck. So sending it to Sony will cost around $200. A new system costs nearly as much, plus I’d get an extra year of service if something went wrong. Not to mention, a larger HDD. My favorite games would consume around 190 GB, just to keep them on the system. So perhaps it is time for the upgrade… Although I wanted to get a terabyte upgrade for my “Fat Boy” hard drive.

I’m sad. I can still play digital games and watch Netflix, listen to Qriocity, etc., but it is still heartbreaking. I think I cried. Sure I could play my Wii or 3DS, but after the E3 conference, I’m upset with Nintendo. The 3DS, although fun, is the biggest waste of money ever… aside from bad Chinese food or vodka.