Street Fighter x Tekken Review

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I LOVE fighting games, I really do. I have played nearly every blockbuster since the age of 8 or 9. I have played them for over 20 years. So I picked up “Street Fighter x Tekken,” and was expecting the pinnacle of gaming. I mean seriously, the “King of Crossovers” paired with TEKKEN?!!! How could it go wrong? It seems like it could be the perfect game.

Initially, boy was I wrong. Before I get chastised, let me list the issues (From my POV).


-Lack of Modes.

-Thoughtless Arcade Mode.

-What’s the story exactly? A fallen box?..

-Graphics are not that great (Street Fighter IV, I thought, was way better).

-No infinity Time Limit option (40% of my online matches end with Time Up [set at 99]).

-Takes forever to sync a ranked match (I’m directly wired with FIOS… ultra-fast connection).

-Network Battle Modes are lacking.

-Online Lobbies are terrible (Soul Calibur V AWESOME; lobbies).

-Online play= lag, lag, LAG.

-Is the background song cutting out on purpose? If so, the low health notification is terrible

-I have to wait a week to use Mega-Man and Pac-Man?

-The other characters are not that great.

-Near unlimited combos with a few characters paired with no breaker.

-DLC characters are already on disc?

-Fight system can be strange and odd to many.

-Gem system is so-so.

-Character edit? Um… not really.

-Scramble battle (When it doesn’t work).

What I like


-Once you get used to the fighting system, it is competitive.

-The character selection isn’t terrible.

-Unique way of bringing in the Tekken brand into Capcom’s system.

-Scramble Battle (when it works, it is CRAZY).

As you can tell, I feel ashamed I got this as a midnight pick-up. I chose this over Mass Effect 3 because I’m finishing other RPGs and I want to have time to work on my GMATs. Let’s be honest, Mass Effect 3 would take over my time for months. As I play SFxT more and more, I’m warming up to it and getting used to it, but it was a very sloppy release. I mean VERY sloppy. Virtua Fighter 5 has more modes than this game. Virtua Fighter 5 has been out for a very long time. Would even reach out and say that VF5 has better graphics and the game is 5 years old.

I’m getting used to the game, but it is moving very slowly.


Graphics: C
Presentation: C
Sound: B-
Gameplay: A
Lasting Appeal: B-

GPA: 2.68

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