Super Stickman Golf Review

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Super Stickman Golf… WOW.  I downloaded this little gem onto my phone and let me tell you something… verdammt fantastisch.

I’m addicted.  I really am.  So basically, you have this thing that is supposed to be a stickman, but clearly doesn’t look too much like a stick figure.  Anyhow, he golfs in his little world.  You have to basically hit the ball to different and often challenging spots.  Sometimes you feel great about yourself and other times you close the program in frustration.  But through all that, you will LOVE this app.  It controls very well.  Easy to learn touch controls.  The sound is simplistic.  The graphics are very crisp.  The functionality of this game is wonderful.  I was a bit leery of this game at first, but I was converted to pure “stickdom.”  There are lots of courses and three skill levels.  The levels are beginning, intermediate and expert.  Pretty simple.  I strongly recommend this game.

My only real grip about SSG is that if you have a lot of applications running, there can be some slowdown during swing and such, but close some apps and you’ll be fine.

It is FREE on Android, but it may cost something on a tablet.  If you own Apple products, it is at the APP Store as well.



Graphics:  C+

Presentation:  A

Sound:  B

Gameplay:  A-

Lasting Appeal:  A

GPA: 3.33

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